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Thread: banned for 600,000 hours?

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    banned for 600,000 hours?

    (lengthy post, please read)

    I have finally come here for help because I am left with zero other options.

    Some time ago, I had returned to Era after a long break (multiple years). I started playing again, and began learning my way around the community. For a while, I was just digging and trading, and then discovered the way basing worked on era, it was much more enjoyable than classic, which I was most familiar with. Anyway, this is where I ended up spending most of my time, switching between gangs and basing or PKing at bases to obtain the new Gang Coin rewards.

    One of these days, it was perfectly normal, I had based, got my daily gang coin limit after a little while into the night, and logged off for they night. When I had returned the next morning, I discovered that I was banned... Not for 5 hours, not for 48 hours, not even 200... but SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND HOURS. 70 years. My ban reasoning was that I was apparently harassing staff on alternate accounts, which I was not doing... and no, nobody else HAS or EVER had access to my account. only me. at this time, I ONLY had ONE account as well. I was never in contact with any staff members at all. So how did this happen and why did I lose my account over something I never did?

    Before asking me, yes... I contacted obviously, as every other graalian knows, they were no help at all and refused to even explain what had happened, other than (after multiple ignored emails), repeating my ban reasoning to me which obviously didn't provide any information to me. After one of my emails I guess they saw, they removed like 4,000 hours or something off the ban which obviously doesn't do anything to the time faced.

    it has been a few months since all of this happened and theres only two explanations I have managed to come up with.
    1. Somebody was in some way associated with staff members or had authority themselves to get my account banned.
    2. Someone managed to obtain or copy my IP address and act as if it were me behaving terribly on some spam account or something.

    The last email I received from support.toonslab was them, again not helping, but simply stating "your account will not be unjailed."

    I am hoping this catches the attention of somebody who can help me or offer an explanation because this is just wrong... I had spent multiple hours on that account and money of my own and was unjustly banned without warning or reason. It isn't right and it isn't fair.

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    Hey the forums isn't really the place for this and the assistance we can provide is directing you to toonslab. Closing the thread.
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