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Thread: How has the year of lockdowns affected you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaginary View Post
    I got straight A’s after the first online semester by cheating now I wanna keep getting good grades

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    My gpa rly went ^^^^
    must be nice ;-; - i have alot to say so ..

    On a school level, when we first "shut down" around march they just posted about one assignment per week until may. Then i changed schools for the next semester in august, and i absolutely hate it it sucks since im a very sociable person the lack of face to face ends up in me being on my phone the whole time. I dont even bother to ask questions/ respond to the teachers cus its so awkward, and we're all usually on mute with our cameras off. The cheating is nice tho. I mean i cheated in school anyway. I wouldnt even consider it cheating, i just didnt feel like doing all the questions. Like in chemistry, i understand the concepts and can explain them, but if the answer keys are online? you bet im gonna save that time for something different. For geometry its a different case, we get online assignments called ixls that you have to get up to 90 points on with unlimited questions, and if you get one right it gives you 1-5 pts and if u get one wrong it knocks you down 10. I have a 50 currently, he doesnt update grades and i didnt do some tests from the beginning of the year. the course is over on the 14th, pray for me.

    socially, it sucks. When the US first shut down i expected it to be over in time for my birthday in june so i could have a summer waterfight themed party.. boy was i wrong.. no party for me, and i couldnt go to mexico for the summer so that kind of sucked too. I didnt see any of my friends which i usually see in school at all during the lockdown until about recently. So as expected, i fell off with most friends since the only time i really interact is during school/on social media.

    Also, i was in a carwreck kinda sorta due to the pandemic!! Basically i helped my sister do doordash, because she needa extra money since she couldnt get her own situations handled because of the pandemic.. so because she needed that money& was doordashing, it put us in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now i have a a gnarly scar on my eyebrow! also she doesnt have a car anymore wkskkwsjskwjkw

    so yea overall.. i just wish our president would've handled this virus the right way, so we could be like new zealand & be able to walk freely with no mask. Who knows what the next year has in store for all of us!!
    Physically i haven't fell ill at all surprisingly and i hope it stays that way.

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    I'm doing decent. I have been doing online school, but it's very hard to pass one class that I CANNOT cheat in. That's my only issue personally with this situation that I am in. Although, I wish I didn't have to wear a mask cause I can barely breath with it on in public. Anything else I am totally fine with.

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    Its going alr...alot of time to focus on myself and focus on my university/buisiness
    Maybe I should try to invest in stocks..but rn i try to find happiness in my life

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    u guys have a full lockdown or still avaible to go out and do some walk or something like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaginary View Post
    I got straight A’s after the first online semester by cheating now I wanna keep getting good grades

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    My gpa rly went ^^^^
    Update, I’ll definitely not get straight A’s this semester. Hopefully not below -A

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    I play games during lockdown usually. I prefer to play minecraft and check best android vpn for unblocking some gaming servers my account. It helped me a lot.
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