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Thread: PC Client?

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    Question PC Client?

    Hey guys, just curious if there are ever any plans to bring iEra to a PC Client.

    I feel like this could be great for a number of reasons, including expanding the player base.

    I was previously a PR for iEra and can even vouch the PC Client is great to play on, responsive and full screen. Compared to the client, which if knocking a wrong button can close the tab / cause many inconveniences.

    The client is there and ready to go, I assume the main concern would be compromised files / vulnerability to hackers on PC?

    Would love your opinions.
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    It would be nice.

    Playing on the website always feels wonky.


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    I could see iEra being public in playerworlds but this can potentially open up a few exploits and glitches.
    There were a few glitches on iEra being introduced on PC browsers which allowed players to see staff members.

    I very much agree with iEra being a client itself since WebGL is veryyyyy veryyyyyyyyy terrible and poorly optimized.

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    Yeah i think all the Main Graal servers that being Classic, West, Era, and Zone should all be on a client because WebGl is quite awful.
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    It'd definitely change the wompy feeling on browsers, but it'd also take time to program i guess.

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    Yea they dont wanna release it on pc cuz of hackers but thats a lazy excuse

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    Update for this thread, Theres been few fixes underway for the website ios Graal so Webgl as of 1/12/2021.
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    They should bring iEra to a PC client, WebGL version doesn't work very well.


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    More than likely won’t ever happen. Switching a big iOS server to PC client leaves all files really vulnerable because it literally downloads everything directly to you in folders. One of the biggest issues is people complaining about ifiles on personal customs as well. FB/Web client minimizes that a lot more. Multiple other reasons but I’d say that’s a main one.

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