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Thread: Present Milestones (GUARANTEED ITEMS after opening certain amount of gifts)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whackanerd View Post
    I agree 100% but the svh dominator is out classed by the BAR everytime! At first it's knockback made the gun a amazing purchase then (just like everytime) you guys waited intill everyone bought the SVH then you nerfed it so every gun would out class it. So I turn this back on you and say this is a disgusting claim because you followed it up with taking a 300 dollar gun and nerfing it so people still buy other guns. Shame on yall.
    BAR has always been and is the best gun in the game. All of the 500k auctioned guns which people pay hundreds of dollars on graalats to obtain, are all inferior to BAR. Nerfing the fun? yes that’s probably unfair as you have purchased it before the nerf and now you don’t have the same gun that you paid for with relative worse stats and therefore, worse overall performance.

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    are you gonna do this this year again?

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