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Thread: Makes gifts not rigged.

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    Makes gifts not rigged.

    I’ve opened 60$ of gifts, and I got one gun. It seems to be the most common gun, at that. I opened 20$ on Christmas, when I got the gun. 20$ yesterday, and 20$ today. This money was pretty much wasted, because the gun I got isn’t even worth 20$. Everyone I’ve spoken to says that they also got nothing after Christmas. I did not know where to put this, but I’d like to really speak to some people about this issue. I feel like I have been scammed. It’s not that I’m not getting just rare items, I’m also not getting hats, or common items that I would like, like even melees. I get mostly candy canes!

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    That's how RNG works, were you expecting the game to give you super rares everytime?

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    Nope. I just expected to have gotten something for 60$, probably shouldn’t have.

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    I opened like 400$ of gifts and got nothing super rare but a inferno and i have friends who spent more and gotten less its just luck and rng. Not much to much to say but hope you have goodluck.
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    There are people who spent hundreds of dollars on gifts and got nothing. Just because you spend a lot of money on them, won’t and doesn’t guarantee you get something good. You hope for the best but expect the worst. Your expectations were too high. At least you got a gun, whereas other people who spent hundreds of dollars didnt even get one.

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    Gifts aren't rigged not even the slightest nor do they cater any individual's advantage. Sure buying a lot of gifts could increase your chances but luck is the only thing that can get you limited items not quantity of gifts.

    To put into imagery let's say we have 1 mysterious tablets (a.k.a keycards/exotics) and lets say player A bought 10 gifts, player B bought 50 gifts, and player C bought 100 gifts. When looking at these variables they are combined overall by adding player's A, B, and C's gifts making it 160 gifts in total. Player C may have more chances but he has to keep in mind that the chances for getting the tablet isn't 1/100 but instead 1/160 and other players have equal chances of getting the item like him cause at the end of they day they are part of the 1/160 chances of getting the tablet.

    Now do this same scenario but in the context of around 3000+ or more players with gifts from around 100+ or more. By rough estimation I could say there are around 500k gifts or even around a million gifts being stored in everyone's inventory combined. With that in mind you start to realize out of 1,000,000 gifts it could be a situation of 25/1,000,000 in terms of chances of getting a keycard. Not everyone's a winner in this situation.
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    Oh well, better luck next year

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    Eh, I opened 2800 presents total and got nothing other than milestone items and EC. thats life I guess.
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