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Thread: How to trade

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    How to trade

    Any tips for trading? I am very stupid and i want to get 100k tro or more.

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    Join trade gangs and ask them prices before you trade
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    Buying cheap rares and selling them for a few hundred more tro is really easy and really profitable.
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    Don’t rely and trust other players too much because their price houses and prices can be very biased. In other words, trusting the wrong people, will make you loose a lot of money. I used to trade with supers and could get up to 3k trochus in 1 day. Now most supers have halved in price and have a nearly non existent demand, therefore it’s so hard to sell them and might take weeks to do so. Try trading with low budget items and find bargains. Trading with expensive items can be very risky and an inconsistent way of generating a profit after a sale.

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