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Thread: Weapon Currency Idea

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    Starter Pistol Weapon Currency Idea

    Hello everyone,
    Been awhile since I was last on here. But for some reason I got interested in playing again.

    I came across this idea of having another currency for purchasing weapons.

    If you have certain types of guns you don't any more you can scrap them for parts.
    Each pay gap for weapons it would cost different amounts:

    0-25K 5 Weapon Parts
    26K-75K 10 Weapon Parts
    76K-120K 20 Weapon Parts
    121K-200K+ 50 Weapon Parts

    With these weapon parts you can "Forge" any weapon that is in any Weapon store.

    It would cost 100 Weapon Parts to forge one weapon. (May seem like alot...but)
    Weapon parts would also drop in fort events and pk events
    15 for First
    10 for Second
    5 for Third

    To stop the aspect of "Farming" weapon parts you can only "Dismantle" 1 weapon per week.

    Just an idea that I thought of.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Ask me anything and ill try my best to answer

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    This would allow people to grind the game a lot more but people would stop buying graalats, hence why they can’t implement this type of ideas. Maybe this could be used in a specific event to purchase new non-graalat purchasable guns, otherwise i don’t see it happening.

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    Sounds like you’ve been playing a lot of Destiny lol

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    This is what Ol West crafting system use to be pretty much. Was recipes for certain items/things. It was killed off to be re-worked or sumn. Was def some scripting issues involved
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    Although there’s plasma gc and ec items already therefore I doubt many people would grind events or other activities themselves to obtain an item. Maybe some twists and it could become a really good idea in my opinion though

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