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    Forum Rules

    Posting Rules

    a) If a thread has been closed or deleted by a moderator or admin, it is intended that the topics held therein are to be discontinued. Unless specific, verifiable consent is given, no member is permitted to recreate such threads.

    b) Similarly, it is illegal to recreate a deleted post. If you intend to alter a deleted message such that it is acceptable, contact a moderator to gain permission to post it.

    c) The Private Message feature of the Era forums allows users to send messages to one another without other members seeing them. If you wish to contact a person, to give them a message or request that they speak with you, always use PMs instead of making a thread purely for that purpose.

    d) If you wish to create a thread, please ensure that you select the correct forum for the message. If you do not, the thread may be moved or - in extreme cases - deleted. Also, try to give your threads explicit titles (For example, 'Custom Upload problems' is better than 'Help!'), and avoid irritating short titles like '.' or '!'. Poorly-labeled threads may be renamed by the moderators.

    e) Do not post private data including personal name, address, phone or data that can break someones privacy.

    f) Do not post private chat/history of any kind (KIK, Skype, Emails, etc...) if you don’t have authorization from all chatting parties

    g) Have a question about a deleted post, thread, or edited post? Forum PM the moderator that did it, and do NOT derail the thread asking why, or discussing it. This makes members have to sift through a derailed thread just to see replies to what the thread is about.

    (Out of courtesy, we ask if you are replying to somebody please quote their post.)

    Content Rules

    a) If any material you bring to the board (including, but not limited to: Text or referenced images (such as nudity-even if it is partial) in posts or signatures, attached files, text in profiles, links to sites) is deemed excessively offensive or repulsive, it may be forcibly removed or you may be asked to change it. Bringing such material to the board is considered an offense, and severe and/or repeated violations may warrant an official warning or - in extreme cases - an instant ban. When deciding whether or not a piece of material is appropriate, bear in mind that Era's user base includes young teenagers.

    b) To safeguard against malicious users, all members are forbidden from attaching executable files to their posts, linking directly to executables or linking to a page dedicated to the download of executables.

    c) Harassment of any user is forbidden. Any offenses against another user are treated far more harshly if they are persistent and occur in multiple threads. You may dislike somebody, but you are not permitted to harass them. Please use the ignore feature if somebody is harassing you.

    d) Putting defamatory or unwanted messages about another user in your signature, personal title or profile (including quotes) is considered harassment. Any user has the right to request that any such references to him/herself are removed, even if you do not consider them offensive or intend them to be so.

    e) Users are forbidden from posting racist, homophobic, or prejudice messages on the boards. This includes using terms referring to any group as if they were derogatory labels (for example, referring to something as '***' to express the opinion that it is bad). Again, you are not permitted to use alternate spellings in order to post such words.

    f) When in a forum discussion if you provoke another user into an ‘insultive/flame argument’ rather than a discussion you will be warned/banned for doing so. You can express a disagreement with someone, without attacking them. If you reply to someone provoking you to insult/harass/attack the user who provoked you, then you too will be warned/banned. You shouldn’t return the attack, just report to a mod via forum PM for it to be looked at.
    Do not make threads bashing people, or groups of people for any reason.

    g) Do not create posts with the intention of derailing or spamming a thread, or going off the original topic of a thread discussion, this also includes the thread starter. Threads that are severely off the original discussion may lead to the deletion of the posts or thread, or closing of the thread, and the member(s) responsible may receive a warning. If you wish to discuss a topic unrelated to the thread discussion you are participating in, please either create a new thread, search for a similar thread topic or PM the user(s) you wish to discuss with.

    h) You are not permitted to discuss illegal activities such as game piracy on the board. This extends to discussing the activities or presence of anti-Graal groups. If you feel that you have important information on such people, contact an admin directly instead of posting it to the board.

    i) Threads/posts which promote the use/consumption of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed, as well as other topics not necessarily suited for a younger audience such as sexuality or sexual involvement.

    j) Please keep all posts in English only. Anything posted in another language will be deleted, and if the user continues, they will receive an infraction.

    You are responsible for what you do on these forums. Please stick to these rules and you won't get banned. Please note, excessive forum violations or making alternate accounts to avoid ban will results in in-game punishments to include warning and jailing.
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