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Thread: I was placed in a 4 hour time out for no reason?

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    I was placed in a 4 hour time out for no reason?

    Can someone please get me out of timeout because I really don't deserve it. I have played graal for 10 years and have never done anything wrong to deserve this. I'm litteraly begging you guys to take me out of time out and message me so we can find a solution. I hate to say this but I have a very large social media following and I really don't want to create a scene.
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    Literally a place you don’t wanna be at
    What did u say? How did u lose ur ultras?

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    You should send a support ticket to toonslab, here’s the link= We can’t provide you with any further assistance as this isn’t the place where you should seek help regarding this type of issues.

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    We really can’t do much other than to direct you to toonslab, we’ve got no power to help you with your situation, . Goodluck on your situation!

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