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Thread: G18 Akimbo or Five Seven Akimbo

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    Handgun Dual G18 Akimbo or Five Seven Akimbo

    I already own the five seven akimbo and trying to get the g18 akimbo because it looks cool and has spread.
    So my question is, is it worth it to get g18 akimbo when you already have five seven akimbo and how does it perform on spar/pk, also does g18 akimbo have skins?

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    I have the g18 akimbo its extremely nice for spar it wont let you down in pks either but if your at that much gralats might as well get the best shop gun in the game Bar and use that but g18 akimbo its really nice 3x better then five seven its your choice.
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    Owhh oritee thank you

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