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Thread: 2B's Leveling Thread

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    Event Coin 2B's Leveling Thread

    2B's Leveling Thread

    I'll be posting all the levels I've made + any new level I make here, I appreciate all the CC you guys can give me

    I'm used to Graal Zone iPhone tileset so don't expect the first levels you'll see in this thread to use iEra's tileset (I'll eventually post some levels using Graa Era's tileset though)

    Here you have some of my old levels, I know they're kinda bad but I still appreciate the CC on them if you have any

    • [CLASSIC] - Overworld / Landscape (?): < - - This was a practice level to learn about iClassic's tileset, their tileset is kinda messy
    • [ZONE] - Spar room: < - - Ignore the NPC's lmao, I wanted to somehow 'bring life' to that level
    • [ZONE] - Lounge / Gun shop (?): < - - These were some of my first levels ever, that's why I'm not sure what was it supposed to be
    • [ZONE] - Gun shop: < - - These ones aren't really old, probably from 1 or 2 months ago
    • [ZONE] - Building: < - - This one is a building I made long time ago without NPC's (2x2 gmap, not a level btw)
    • [ZONE] - Shop (not finished): < - - I couldn't find the hat display for this shop, it was meant to be a hat shop

    None of these was a era - themed level, I'm already aware of that, but as soon as I'm done with my exams I'll start with iEra's tileset again.

    Post below all the CC you can, I appreciate every single tip and advice
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    Last three are quite good

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    I like them, nice!
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