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Thread: Rate for shells?

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    Rate for shells?

    Hey sorry I have not played this game in years and was wondering the rates for shells.

    What is a good rate for Scallops/Sand Dollars for tro?

    Also what is a good rate for Aero for tro?

    And finally Starfish for tro.

    Thanks for the help

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    I guess if you’re trying to max profit on scallops/sands do 1.2:1, and if you’re in a hurry just do 1:1

    As for aero its strongly disliked for whatever reason by the trade table community so 2 aeros is worth 1 trochus

    Starfish is kinda awkward to sell due to how uncommon it is I would just do 1:1 personally, but same as sand/scallop just do 1.2 for max profit.

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