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Thread: Gang/Basing Changes

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    Gang/Basing Changes

    Currently the basing situation is a bit murky, as over half of the larger gangs have decided to create "alliances", which enables newer gangs to not be able to even hold a base, since the older gangs end up filling another "war" or "raid" tag in order to take back the base. Here are some ideas in order to combat the current system.

    Idea 1

    Create different gang categories.

    For example, when making a gang enable an option so player can choose whether the gang is for basing or hanging out. In the basing option, limit the amount of allies to one, or get rid of the ally system in general. With this, when fighting an enemy gang it will be more balanced for both newer and older players. In the hangout option, make it so that there can be the current amount of allies, but those specific hangout-opted tags cannot take flag, or even enter the base itself.

    Idea 2

    Introduce a new gang rewards system.

    So far I know Keir himself has been putting out great ideas. One idea that a few including myself built up on was the introduction of seasonal rewards. First off, this doesn't mean current hours and rewards are reset; if met before updating, then rewards will be received. In a seasonal system, rewards would be easier to obtain (points from pking/holding), and there would be more freedom with choosing rewards. If possible, a risky but beneficial change could be to lock two bases at random for either a day or a week. This would force gangs and its players to actively try to base, making the scene more active.

    Like I said just some ideas. I'd love to discuss to either build upon them, as I know there would be loopholes currently.
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    Idea 1 already kinda partially exists on Classic. Categories is really just a cosmetic look there I guess no real use.
    As for limiting allies to regular basing gangs that won’t do anything. People have already trained themselves to be allies without literally being on each other’s ally lists. Example: Blue team goes garage level, purple team stays lobby, red team holds flag. Then making “hang out gangs” unable to enter bases would make basing more dead than it already is IMO. Why would we keep more people out lol?

    As for the seasonal rewards idea by Keir I think that’s a good idea on top of current rewards. But since it’s seasonal custom gang rewards I would recommend they make it mandatory it’s themed in the season/holiday mixed with their own gang style/qualities. Then perhaps for seasonal points/hours I would suggest rotating one or 2 bases into “seasonal themed” bases for points/hours. Just have a base dressed up cute for the season/holiday while it’s actively giving points or hours.

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