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Thread: The Japanese Shop just Released!

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    Post The Japanese Shop just Released!

    A new japanese just releases under gangster zone, next to ebizou hideout go check it out.

    They also put up a kill challenge for a special melee and sword that costs 100k gralats and 5k samurai kills.

    What are samurai kills? They are kills you get with the 4 new released melees you could buy in the Japanese shop.

    Say "Showsamuraikills" to see how many kills you have with the weapons.

    It also has tons of Furniture, hats, heads and bodies.
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    Stats for The Ryouma Dual Blades
    Damage - 9 (With a burn effect)
    Special - Dash (12 damage)
    Passive - Heals 3 HP on each kill
    Bonus - Hat


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