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Thread: iEra Levels Team is now hiring!

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    iEra Levels Team is now hiring!

    Hello everyone,
    We are looking for new level artists to join our Levels Team on iEra.

    As you may already know, the Levels Team is responsible for creating the levels you see in the game. This includes shops, events, maps, buildings and many more. They also give life to these levels by adding NPCs and decorations to these levels.

    This is the link to the updated application:
    And here are Era's current tiles:
    Please make sure to use these tiles ONLY for the required levels submissions.
    Tiles that are not part of the above tileset can be used on the last question.

    For the General Leveling Knowledge part, you do NOT have to recreate the pictures and submit the corrected concept. Just write below each image if there is any mistake and if so, how would you fix it.

    Best of luck and I'm looking forward to seeing your creativity!

    You can always message me on forums or in-game if you have any questions about this.
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    Hire me

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    Goodluck to everyone applying!
    Retired Ol West Gfx Team

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    Hello me mame is nice tanck

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    Quote Originally Posted by nice View Post
    Hello me mame is nice tanck

    same bro

    Click here for my Levels Thread

    Join the fun on today

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    Confusing when you can't see the whole application to do what is required. To anyone wondering and not wanting to fill in random stuff until the end:

    Section 1. General information about yourself
    Section 2. "What would you do" questions
    Section 3. Level experience questions
    Section 4. Spot leveling mistakes
    Section 5. Please attach screenshots of the following levels: 2 Exterior levels (be sure to include variety and be creative), 1 interior shop level, 1 holiday themed interior level (feel free to choose any holiday celebrated in iEra), and 2 More levels of your choice that you feel best show off your skills as a level artist. This is a minimum requirement, you may submit more levels if you want to. These levels must be created with the iEra tileset!!

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    The application is now closed, thank you to everyone who applied!

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