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Thread: GraalTube Headquarters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vance View Post
    This is a really great idea. Sell props for content creation that you can use in the house, along with items that can be used for props (a $5 weapon replica that does no damage, or something.)

    One more thing we need is an accessible map. We need one that can benefit content creation without sacrificing core gameplay elements. I see what they're trying to do in regards to making less and less of the map PK-able, however isn't really the way to go about things. Maybe if we can get more customizable furniture that would allow players to build their own stores and whatnot in their own house; that way people aren't stuck to creating the same 4 videos on the same 6 sets (also without interruption from other, edgy players.)
    Yeah the need of public places is important for content creation but I think general furnitures stores provide quite the sets of equipment needed to build for example a store. It would be a plus to add to those more detailed items relating to stores such as (open/closed sign), glass windows for displays… it’s just a matter of making a list and creating them. While this isn’t an impossible project we’d have to see the priority of the staff team and how much time it might take them to make it.
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    Thats a pretty cool idea Lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by FamQ View Post
    Thats a pretty cool idea Lmao
    Yeah its a really neat idea, was kinda bummed that they didn't put any stuff to pay respects to the big names in the GraalTube community in the Graal Theatre.

    Would've been cool to see some little easter eggs around but what I've noticed in this game is that iEra is starting to shift too much into the 'professional game' instead of being more tuned in to the whole community
    I think pretty much anyone else would agree that so much life would've been added to the Graal Theatre if they even added NPC's of past GraalTubers instead of just making the Graal Theatre a 'shop' and 'free hat location'.

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