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Thread: Few Questions about Artillery Cannon

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    Few Questions about Artillery Cannon

    What's the actual damage of it?

    Is it worth buying?

    i need something to do AoE damage for pking bases

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    Ive had it since 2013 and i think its really nice. I believe its 9 dmg.
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    1. The Artillery Cannon does 8 explosive damage (9 when in perfect condition.) It has a clip of 16.

    2. I mean, for what you're describing, I've heard it's good for basing. From my basing experience too, people can get really good with the gun. Then again, this is purely subjective. It's really up to you. 27 EC does seem a little steep, but then again it's one of the cheapest guns used for basing.
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    Thanks guys! glad i have 23 ecs in my inventory so i just need 4 more to get it =) then i'll focus on bombing box factory zone

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    I've had my AC since 2013, I don't really like it to be honest. Might be cause I suck but I seem to rarely use it these days.

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