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    Email scam

    Hi I’ve been playing era since 2013 and recently had my account hacked, they took 15k tro, any rare items I possessed, shovels, and anything else of value. I’ve also met other players that fell victim to this same scam and person that has been collecting accounts. I was seeking help via email about maybe recovering any of my items I worked thousands of hours for or just to bring justice to this guy and the only email response I got was tough luck. They refused to help me even stop the guy. Disappointed is an understatement. I just can’t believe they are letting this guy ruin people’s accounts and get away with it. Since 2013 I’ve been playing this game and now I’ve lost all hope and I’m honestly on the verge of quitting... I have nothing. I even have the guys computer ID and everything but if anyone will help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    The era management states that every type of scams relating to email or account possessions caused by giving away personal information is the user’s fault, as much as it was said I understand your position. Now I’m not sure if you had given them clear proof about the person but screenshots and videos and enough proof should get the management some attention. While I’m not sure if you already did that, and I’m not sure if they even would get into the investigation phase, it also depends on who you contacted, if it was toonslab then I think they should help you out, if it was a High staff then I don’t think they have the ability to check emails and such. You’re in quite a pickle, one that you’ve obviously fallen victim of and at the same time the system doesn’t do much about it, but then again, I don’t know all the steps you went through with the contacting phase. I hope you can find a solution for all of it and I hope you can provide the identity of that said scammer to the management so they can take action on it. Though on a side note, while true and you felt like sharing it and I’m not sure if you did inform them about it, I don’t think telling staff/toonslab/management that working thousands of hours for items or feeling like quitting does any impact to the subject since they come accros a lot of people daily saying that. Again, I understand the need to say it, it just loses its value to some when they are getting that same message every day.
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    I'm sorry to hear about the position you are in. I would say that if you've got enough evidence (screenshots, videos) then perhaps staff and toonslab could investigate. Its almost impossible for staff to investigate every single player that has been accused with no strong evidence, so I believe that's why there wasn't much attention. Try contacting toonslab once more with proper evidence if you have not already, try contacting higher ranked staff members via discord, email or on era go. Good luck with your situation, we cannot help you with the position you are in, we can only just direct you into contacting Toonslab or a higher ranked staff member for further information.

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    Sadly after my account was taken control of he got rid of his previous messages and I’m sure he took the care to change his name, appearance and anything that might incriminate him, the only thing I have is his email address and his computer id now

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    I went through all the care to email, submitting a claim, and even tried to contact people who take care of trade scams to try and recover at least something but no one wants to help me. I do have the email address he used to impersonate the era email, he’s obviously been doing this a lot when you see how clean his email and how legit it actually looks. On top of that I have his web ID, computer ID and his real name which was brought up when I did some digging for the email user

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    I don't think that 'no one wants to help you', its just that not many people have the power to investigate these sorts of issues. Like we said above, most staff members if not all don't have the capacity to help with certain situations (they most likely don't have the power).

    I am not sure whether that much evidence will help out, so the only thing I can say, is to try contacting the higher ranked staff members and toonslab. If you need any help with contacting them, then message me!!! Once again, good luck with your situation.

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    Thank you! Yes I need help contacting someone higher up I submitted to them on toon slabs support and I didn’t receive a response to my second submission with more information. that’s why I went to the forums so I can get in contact with the right people So that would be greatly appreciated!

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