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Thread: Bug Hunting Program

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    Bug Hunting Program

    One thing I'm shocked that this game doesn't have is some kind of bug hunting program.
    There's tons of bugs/glitches still out there that haven't been patched so having some kind of program for this kind of thing would hopefully bring in players that'll wanna fix a ton of broken things on this game.

    And yeah, one thing iEra is truly bad at is finding and patching bugs/glitches so this'll hopefully help.
    I'm pretty sure snk did a thing where you would receive an EC for every bug reported tho. They could do this but with something not as rewarding as an EC

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    A bug hunting program is a great way to find security vulnerabilities in your software before real attackers do. Please give it a try, and help us make the internet just a little bit safer.

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    Some bugs are actually cool and useful, for instance, you can use the gondola in Italy (used to be a vip item but I think it can also be bought there for 10k gralats) to move your body character on islands that can't usually be reached.
    I have also seen a lot of players glitching themselves in mining walls by entering and leaving their house, you can also use this to pick up trash behind the zoo walls next to south spar complex
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    There are plenty of ways to get involved in buggy hunting. Some people choose to volunteer their time for a particular projects like, while others choose to work solo and pitch in whenever they can. The choice is up to you, but the end results are all the same: better software with fewer bugs, along with happier users!

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