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Thread: unable to play graalera and others?

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    unable to play graalera and others?

    hello, when i try to play graalera on facebook (along the other games) it just shows the background. when i try to play the game from the official site, just shows a grey screen. please help, i have been playing this game for 5 (or 6?) years, and havent played one year since.

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    I found and tried using this website : and it works for me, It's called facebookapp but im hoping it's different to yours, if it is, then you could try this out? Honestly I just play on the app so I am not too sure about this. Or maybe try clearing your history, cookies and cache and see what happens.

    Let me know if it still does not work, so then I can relay this to someone more knowledgeable about this !

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    i used that website and it redirects me to the usual era and classic game: but i found out, that if i wait long enough, the game loads. this seems to be a problem with facebook, where i cannot log on and it shows the background.

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    one more thing is, it doesn't let me play on my facebook account (by what i mean, playing on my facebook player account) bravo. at least i can log in of two of my backup accounts, although, sadly, they don't have as much unique items that i have on the facebook account.

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    I'm not sure how your account works ,but if you log on the website i sent you above with the same email, it should work right? I have not heard any players having some problems with the facebook website so there could be something wrong on your end.

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