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Thread: Which gun should I buy?

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    Handgun Dual Which gun should I buy?

    Hey guys I was thinking if I could get some suggestions on which gun should I buy and why? If you have any suggestions then please let me know. I have the budget of 200k and am wondering If I should buy Mini or bar or other cool and cheap weapon and save up some money. I would really appreciate it if you could take some time to me to give some suggestions. TY

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    If you already have 200k, get the BAR. It's the best Gralat rifle in the game, is a 4-shot kill at full health, has good spar stats even post-balance.
    Mini is situational but can definitely farm free pks without trying too hard. Great for forts but you get outclassed by Chem any day of the week.

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    It also depends on what you do mostly on era.

    Do you often spar, base, pk, plasma?

    I would say if you are looking for a gun to pk or base, bar is very good.

    If you want to spar, well i don't have these guns, but I've heard that metalstorm or ghost m4 is pretty good.

    It's really up to you ! I'm sure whatever gun you get that is popular, you'll be able to make the most out of it! Because if i recall, there are soo many gralat guns across era (Especially in Aimpoint) that i don't hear much people talking about, so I'm assuming they're not as good hahahaha.

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