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Thread: Player Relations (To only friends)

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    Player Relations (To only friends)

    So, I think I made a post ages ago about adding more community + staff interactions..but seems like that took the opposite turn.

    Players can't search for staff anymore unless they are already friends with them, which is really annoying, to answer their inquiries and such. I know there was drama surrounding all that (that I will not disclose here) but that shouldn't stop player and staff interaction.

    Try adding player and staff interaction back again or atleast add an 'Inquiries' section in the phone menu. Something like feedback but instead, you ask questions which you can get a pm reply with by any staff member who is anonymous.

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    very very true.
    I read.. that’s it

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    Jesus, this just got added in the game today

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    Quote Originally Posted by x7xixi View Post
    Jesus, this just got added in the game today
    Atta boy

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    What a coincidence

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