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Thread: Trade Glitch Scam

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    Trade Glitch Scam

    So, I don't know who else experienced this type of scam, but yesterday, I was trading mr hoyt, zanmato, coin flip and steampunk for a cleric staff, which is 3k. And then this random guy came and added 3k and kept saying "g000000d?" and running around, and he accepted the trade, where you could clearly see he placed 3k tro, so I accepted as well, thinking I could get cleric using the 3k,but when the trade ended I only got 300 tro. I havent seen anyone else experience this scam yet, I didnt even know it was possible to change the amount of tro while accepting, but I know once both of us accepted there was 3k tro on the table, and I want to mention that after we both accepted he spammed my pms saying to show mr hoyt and if it heals. I also have the Guy at my star friends list, I reported him, and got some screenshots of the conversation and his profile since his name is "Unknown", I hope an admin can see this and ban him

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    Not a glitch, its a scam. They just change the amount of tro last sec by leaving and rejoining table. Just take your time when trading and look at the numbers of tro before quickly accepting.
    I read.. that’s it

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    I seen one where dude added 5k when trade was over the guy got nothing added

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    Thx for the information

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