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Thread: Graal Era sucks.

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    Graal Era sucks.

    Don't get me wrong with the title.. the game was good back in the old days. I keep checking the game out every single year to see if something changed and to see how my old friends are doing. Every year however, my disappointment grows bigger and bigger.

    I don't know, if the developement team are lazy, or just don't care about the community at all but the game just sucks overall and let me tell you why. First of all, if you have a good pc/gaming laptop/console or whatever, playing Era solo is a huge waste of time. I have 1400 hours in era + anither 600 for my alt account and let me tell you.. 85% of that went to digging/trash picking and fishing.

    And it was all a waste of time.. and yes, before you become smart with me, games are supposed to be just something you play to pass time. However, it wasn't fun. If I didn't have close friends in this game, I'd have left when I was young. I played the game since 2012 or somewhere around that and the game never changed.

    Now to the actual reasons why this game is a waste of time. If you've been playing for a long time, you would know why. Other than the fact that you meet friends in this game.. if you are now an adult like me.. who is now 20 years old, this game sucks because it is filled with children. Sure there are adults, only some, but that's because most adults are smart to not play the game in the first place. Why did I bother? Because it is my childhood game.

    The game makes you farm 24/7 to get the item you want. Now I know it's not the game or the developers fault for having items in trades cost 1m+ trochus or something like that.. it's not their fault to why basing is so biased and only gangs who are famous get to reach 1k+ hours. But it is their fault because instead of helping players get to their goals a little bit more easier, they make it harder.

    Let's take digging for example. Just when you thought jobs in era couldn't be more obnoxious, they nerfed digging, the only actually good money making method. Yeah.. there is mining, but the amount of time to get to level 100 is surreal. It doesn't even matter now because mining is not limited to 6000 rocks per day. Like wtf era? Fishing also sucks because even at lvl 70 you don't even see any changes. You just get bobbers that don't do anything.

    Trading has always been flawed and it will never change because trading is the fault of many players being greedy. Staffs could only do so much, I understand. But the fact that the game is filled eith 80% kids.. you know that scams are bound to happen to those with less knowledge about trades.

    Developers doesn't listen to their players. They just do whatever the heck they want. Like.. come on, graal has been out for more than 2 decades now.. you'd think the people developing the game would know better but.. no. I get that they probably don't get payed that much.. considering you can get everything by farming in game.. but they dig their own grave by doing so.

    If they want better pay, make the game better first, I dropped around 50$ in this game before just to support it but.. thats not gonna help them. Truth be told, graal has the best 2d animations and designs, even on par with maplestory or any other known 2d mmorpgs.. at least, in my opinion.

    Lasertag is good.. but takes too much time to grind like any other mechanics in this game.. plasma is also biased because to even farm it you need good teammates. But then again that's not the developers fault. It's just that the community of this game is toxic and only want players who know how to play. Which is fair.. but that's why new players don't have a chance in this game.

    Other than that.. yeah.. I don't have to state any of the obvious here. This game is behind already. Can't save an old game anymore. Even if you try now it's too late. A lot of people already left, year by year the game is losing players. If you are someone who is playing solo and is actually having fun with the game, you are lying to yourself. The games only good part is the fact that you can play with anyone, anywhere in the world. That is how I play with my friends back in my country even though I'm in a new country now.

    Other than that.. I do have to still say thank you Graal, for making my childhood a bit more lively. But now I think it's overall just because the game is old. But it could've definitely been saved if only the mechanics of the game were up to date with whatever is happening in game. But yeah.. thanks anyways.

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    It is hard taking criticism from someone who has very little knowledge from how development works (because it is honestly not of much help), it shows a lot when there is just a basic understanding of some issues, and then you yourself give the explanation onto why it is a certain way.

    Plus saying that we do "whatever we want" is very untrue, and honestly quite rude and shows ignorance.

    The game is not perfect ofc, but sometimes it is best informing yourself properly first before making a thread like this.

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    Then what do you do? If you could explain. No offense or anything.. but people have been complaining a lot about fishing and other things for years now. You haven't changed a thing. I know that sometimes you have to do things to prevent botters and etc.. but at least find a way to do so where people who actually work hard won't be affected.

    Plus, yes, you are right, it is true I know so little about developement and the game is not perfect, pretty sure I stated the obvious when I say that you guys don't even get paid that properly. (Unless you are getting paid properly.) I've played countless of mmorpgs, and the way they flop is because they stick to their outdated mechanics.

    And ai apologize sincerelt if this came out rude.. I like graal era, it has been my childhood game as I've stated. But really.. 12 years? A lot has changed, granted it's not your fault if a gang doesn't recruit a new player, like for example he just want gang coins but can't because you gotta be like this or that to join a gang, that's not your fault. but new players will always have a hard time catching up if the system stays like this. At least be solo friendly to certain events.

    For jobs it's been bad from the beginning.. I didn't notice it as a kid, but now that I'm grown up and don't have that much time to waste grinding, I realized how time consuming it was.. I can grind for hours on any mmorpg, but the grinding in era is just so plain and boring. And yeah.. I realize that if you make any big changes, people who already worked hard to get to their level or etc will be mad.. but that's where achievements come in or rewards for those who already got there..

    You don't even need to take this criticism, as you said I'm someone who knows so little about developing.. but you would know if something is wrong if multiple players has been complaining about the same dang things for years.

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