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    Event Coin Xmas time & ec

    So for what I know you can get ec from 500$ presents. I was wondering the odds in getting one ec. Some people are telling me its 1 ec per 25k worth for 500$ presents. Is this true ?
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    I honestly think it’s random. I opened like 200 gifts last year and got like 5 ec. Then I got like 20 more gifts and got 10 ec. Maybe 1 ec per 40-50 gifts?

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    Last year they did milestone rewards for presents for EC I believe it completely random.
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    ah very well then thanks for the help lads
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    All you can do is hope for the best ! I'm pretty sure you can only get ec from gifts that cost $500 ?

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    I didn't even got 2 ec last year. The one EC I got was not even from gifts It was from The Santa statue
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