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Thread: New event "riots in the city"

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    Event Coin New event "riots in the city"

    In my opinion, Graal Era is a fairly complete game about an open world, it has a stable coin, various activities, festive events and so on; but... I think it lacks something new, something else to do, we know that in this game there are 3 groups (policemen, gang members and neutrals) of which the cops and gang members stand out, these themselves were planned to face each other being a simple but curious activity and I think that here I start with what I propose, a random day, a moment anyone, chaos is unleashed! , Both sides fighting in an area of the city with barricades, tanks stalking, hundreds of gangsters and cops in a war, cops trying to bring order, gangsters wanting to play their own, the event would be marked in a radius of the map where both sides fight, avoiding the damage of the same group, police does not harm police, gangster not does damage gangster, anyone else who tries to enter the crossfire will be killed, the event will last (imposed by the admins) the place decorated with barricades, police vehicles, tanks, fire and so on during the time both teams fight to control the zone and the team I won could have some benefit or gain, I think I also think that to give it more theme, some contact from both sides will tell their members that they need them, the cops will be spoken by a superior and they have to go to the police station first and the gangsters meet in the event area to get ready

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