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    the game is full of hackers mainly in spar and mpx, it is demotivating you get mpx points and a person comes (who is extremely toxic) using hack and beats you, mpx game since 2017 and had a lot of speeders hackers now has a new like they can change the game's hp so that little damage is done to the person, I've seen 3 people using this type of hack this week and 2 people were banned, but there's still one person who farms mpx day and night and who we players of mpx we denounced it several times but nothing happened, I even recorded a video of how this person plays and it doesn't take absolutely no damage and it's not banned for that, it's even extremely toxic.

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    Certainly post it and possibly consider submitting a ticket denouncing the issue so that it is seen higher up the food chain. Hope it gets solve easily, multiplex is very fun.
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