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Thread: Halloween: Player House Competition 2021!

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    Halloween: Player House Competition 2021!

    Hello Graalians!

    This is your chance to showcase your spooky house for this Halloween competition!


    - To participate, simply share a picture(s) of your Halloween themed house in this thread by commenting on it.
    - Gang Houses are allowed.
    - You can post up to 3 pictures, please do not spam more, if you do you will be disqualified.
    - Not allowed to share other people's home, we will make sure the house you are participating with is yours.
    - You are allowed to add filters to the pictures, but any add ons (such as non existent items + images) will disqualify you.


    1st Place - 4EC + 10K Gralats + 1st Place Trophy
    2nd Place - 3EC + 7k Gralats + 2nd Place Trophy
    3rd Place - 2EC + 3k Gralats + 3rd Place Trophy

    Honorable mentions (if any) - 1EC

    Due date is October 28th, 2021 11:59PM PST !

    Good Luck to everyone and Happy Graaloween!

    To make it easier for some people, you can submit your images via email- [email protected]
    Please only submit via email if you cannot post a picture in the comments, it is just easier if you do so here.

    Winners will be announced October 31st!

    Hey hey here are the winners of the competition!

    1st Place: Nutella$

    2nd Place: iMete Deus

    3rd Place: Nahrui

    Here are the honorable mentions! Make sure to visit them since they are pretty cool too!

    - ItsYoloA
    - H July
    - Bluedragon Lowry
    - Mystic Evo
    - ipinky Jie (forums)
    - Reeem (forums)

    Congratulations to all participants (rewards will be given soon, for the forum honorable mentions, please send me a DM here in the forums of your ID's)
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    Literally a place you don’t wanna be at

    Lemme win ples

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    I am poor and i dont know if this worked it did not work
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    Quote Originally Posted by hohi416 View Post
    I am poor and i dont know if this worked it did not work
    you can also email the images to [email protected]

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    Thats perfect

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    where will winners be announced? here or newspaper in game or disc server announcement?

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    They will be announced here or in a new thread

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    Posting the image isn’t working for me on here so ill email it.
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