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Thread: Short history about the Hoodrat/RatHood flags

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    Short history about the Hoodrat/RatHood flags

    This is a short history of all the Hoodrat/RatHood GST flags, you prolly don't care but I do x)

    The first time Hoodrat/Rathood participated in a GST was in 2018.
    We originally planned to make an LGBT flag and put my friend's (Ai-No) head on it.
    Junz actually liked the idea lmao

    However, I didn't like the idea so we replaced the head with 2 wifi symbols and a rat.
    I completely made the flag on my own but I was dumb enough to use the standard black paint color so the flag ended up being transparent for the first 3 hours
    This was our official 2018 GST flag and for some reason a lot of people liked it <3

    In 2019 we tried to make something similar, but sadly Jeff wasn't so fond of our idea and rejected both flags that we have created

    yes the rat is sitting in a wheelchair if you watch closely

    Since both flags got rejected, I asked my friend Wrex who used to be a gfx staff member to make us one real quick (Jeff threatened me to just give us a default flag and kick me from the discord...)
    So we ended up having a rushed but at least unique 2019 GST flag, even though no one really liked it

    Sadly there has been no 2020 GST flag since my account got banned for me being stupid enough to let another person pk on it and Billie being an utter ******

    Thank you very much for reading my post, even if only like 10 people will actually see this
    Btw, don't be stupid enough to let anyone on your account, even if you think the person can be trusted, just don't
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