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Thread: Are the OGs still alive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaginary View Post
    Waiting for my reward

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krazy View Post
    I think I'm an OG, but I've had at least 5 different faces on Graal so my existence isn't really stuck on most of the players' minds. I've been an admin (3) times and got fired (3) times in three different accounts and scenarios LOL. It's actually my first time replying to a thread here since a few years ago.

    Yes, Graal Era used to be super fun, but now it's just black and white. As we got older, I think it's our brains that evolved to enjoy other games that are better than this kind.

    I really like the changes and improvements over the years, though. I think the management and Junz did a good job. There were a lot of ideas formulated from before that are now finally in the game. Anyway, I loved every moment about it because my friends were a part of it.


    PS: If you can guess at least 2 of the 3 accounts that I was able to be part of the staff team, I will give you my chainsaw! Only one guess per person. I want to donate my stuff since I don't play it anymore, but I would login one last time just to give out the prize. I'm not kidding about this, good luck!

    Hint: Krazy is not one of the names.
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    damn i miss era-go back when it was active

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    I think im an OG quit 2021 for family reasons but yes im still alive played 2012-2021

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    I'm in my second year in uni and I also just got back to Graal. I'm barely active since I got busier (obv). Anyway, would not consider myself as an OG but it feels good to be back.

    Ps. Just opened this forum today after so many years.

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