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Thread: Question for Junz-Mysterious Items

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    Question for Junz-Mysterious Items

    Okay, so I had a question for Junz or Jeff because I haven't asked in about a year and a half as I was inactive from iEra. I was unable to rejoin the Graalians discord server today, I was told Junz made a comment about the new mysterious items and that he was still in the process of "tuning the stats" for those new items. Since he's still working on those I thought it'd make sense to request this now.

    Junz made a comment but did mention it isn't likely, he said he, "isn't opposed to tuning the stats of old exotic items". I was hoping he sees this message and that with consideration of all the new items with long-distance AOE, he could think about possibly tuning the Aegis Shield's stats and bugged buttons. It was sold in the first mysterious set of items that also included Dimension Rifle.

    Aegis Shield's main unique ability is health regeneration but lacks the long distance range attack that all the new limited weapons have for its default mode. The dark mode has a short AOE range but this mode has a 2 minute cooldown after every use and only lasts about 25 seconds. The 15 hp health regeneration button has a 1-minute cooldown. It also lacks a very fast attack speed in the default mode.

    (this mode only really serves well against NPCs but the shield block button serves little to no purpose at all).

    A friend of mine said that the new item named, "sorcerer's spellbook" has a glitch where the default gun shoots slower whenever any of the abilities it has are on cooldown. Aegis Shield also has a similar glitch where the default speed changes speed to a significantly lower speed if any of the abilities are on cooldown. Another thing I wanted to point out is that the YouTube preview for the mysterious keycard items had some small mistakes on the cooldown times and info for the item. I am hoping Junz/Jeff could take a look at the cooldowns on Aegis and possibly shorten the times for the item.

    Note: This is more of a request/message for Junz/Jeff but I would understand if they don't want to focus on working on doing anything to the item at the moment as they are busy. Thank you.
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