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Thread: Valentines Day Graphics Competition - Hat/Gas Mask! - Rewards for winners!

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    Event Coin Valentines Day Graphics Competition - Hat/Gas Mask! - Rewards for winners!

    Get your pixels ready! This is your chance to show your skills at the Valentines Day Shop!

    Contest Information
    iEra is looking for wonderful graphic designs for this upcoming Valentines Day Shop.

    We are accepting: Hats (including Gasmasks) as well as recolors of your original hats.

    Themes: ValentinesDay/Flowers/Hearts/Love

    If your Graphic Submissions get selected, your designs will be in sold in the shop, and
    most importantly, you will get your own items as well as 3EC per hat selected!

    How to Submit:

    Send an email titled "Valentines Day Shop 2022" to [email protected] with everything listed below.

    - Your graphics.

    - Your Graal ID - Ex.Graal1234567 (You won't get the rewards without it!)

    Due Date:

    (PST) February 4th, 2022- 11:59PM

    Contest Rules:

    1. Every Graphic Submission must be made from scratch. We DO NOT accept edited/stolen graphics. (You will be blacklisted and banned from submitting graphics if you have sent edited/stolen gfx)

    2. Submissions that do not relate to the themes will not be accepted.

    3. Do not use pure white and pure black. (It will not show correctly in-game)

    4. The final file size must be less than 250kb.

    5. You can submit as many hats as you want, BUT ONLY 2 RECOLORS PER HAT. Recolors are not required and will not give you a higher chance of your creations making it to the shop.

    Hat Template:


    Q. Are gifs allowed?
    A. Yes, you are allowed to submit animated gif files.

    Q. Are the hats strictly hats? Or are gas masks allowed too?
    A. Gasmasks are allowed.

    Q. Can there be any type of collab between two artists?
    A. Collabs are NOT allowed.

    Q. Are .mng files allowed?
    A. Yes, mng file’s are allowed.

    Q. Do the hats need set transparency, or will the team do that for me?
    A. Make sure you set transparency when you submit!

    Q. Can we decide the name of our creation?
    A. Yes, just provide the name on your submission and it will be used if it were a viable name.

    Q. Are allowed to submit recolors for hats?
    A. We will accept up to 2 recolors (will not be awarded for them, only 3EC per different hat).

    Q. What do you mean by recolors?
    A. After you design an create a hat from scratch, you can submit the same hat with different colors- aka your original hat is blue, you can submit the same one but red.


    If you have any Questions post them on this thread!

    Good luck!
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    Is the template supposed to be empty?

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    Is the template supposed to be empty?
    just try to look for one on google
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