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Thread: Banned from Discord Community

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    Angry Banned from Discord Community

    Hi there,

    I want to say for those who care about the GraalOnline community.

    I was banned for giving my opinion on the GraalOnline Era Community.
    - Prohibited harassing staff with difficult questions. When asked why they unlinked my account on GraalOnline Globally. They refuse to answer and so they act with Toonslab Support.
    Hello, Slash4SIX#0001.
    You have just been banned from GraalOnline (Officially) for expressing your opinion to one of the HR moderators and administrators.

    A HUGE **** you to ”” because you did it. I hope ur happy with defending your honor.

    They know their email support is CANCER, but they don't do anything about it. My account has been unlinked since 2017 and they won't give you a reason why they did that. And their only response is to contact Toonslab Support and they reply by contacting GraalOnline Support while they don't reply back... Still, following?

    I want my damn account back, you little thieves. I spent about 2000+ euros and 2000+ hours and this is how you trade? I requested a full refund on 2017 on Developer Gold subscription for not having any information on how to use it. And I basically never get my account back because they don't give a damn.

    Discord: Slash4SIX#0001 if anyone wants to contact me. It is mainly aimed at Player Relations and HR Administrators in GraalOnline Globally.

    With kind regards,
    Damian AKA Slash4SIX
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    Expressing your anger through Era Go won't help you at all. I mean you harassed a staff and now you got banned for it, I don't really understand what's the issue here, it is literally 100% your fault lol.
    Instead of complaining like a little b****, maybe you should try apologizing to said staff and start thinking about what you have said?
    Hey I have autism so please be patient and polite

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    This is not the right place to talk about this, simply because we cannot help you, only thing we can do is direct you to submitting a toonslab, so resend another ticket if it is a few weeks old.

    Closing thread.

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