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Thread: do jails stack

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    do jails stack

    Curious, I got banned last February (2021) for what ever reason for like 500k hours, a few weeks after that I decided to download the downgraded version of graal era on my phone to just see what was going on and I got banned on that account and the original account that I had the 500k hour ban on, also received that ban since it was on the same device or same ip, not sure which triggered it, for November 17th 2023. Anyways do any of you guys know if jails stack? I’d gladly take that November 17th 2023 ban over that 500k hour ban, even though Id prefer no ban, it is what it is I guess.

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    not sure but the 500k hours ban probably won't disappear tbh, I was also wondering if transferring an account without a ban to a banned account would remove the ban
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    Bro just quit at this point

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    Happened to my account while at school

    Your IP can be checked and the ban hours 'upgraded' by PR staff.
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