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Thread: The game need players

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    Exclamation The game need players

    Hi, more than anything is about how the game looks.

    to start the game is decreasing a lot this starts with the little it is published and this is the main theme I'd like to talk, the game is fun and everything but there are fewer people that this can start to change if they advertise the game inside another or in ads on pages and others of course it's all realistic and not opt for so many companies to create clickbait and scams, this would be a good time for the game to do it because today is garbage what is found for the mobile

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    Amazing idea. I think Havel should be the head of the ad committee
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    thanks, buddy, I'm about to start a project of advertising ideas that I'll share with the company, I'd like to make several videos and advertising posters. Who knows maybe we can get something big!

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