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Thread: armor and self-defense!!

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    Lightbulb armor and self-defense!!

    Hello visitors and admins!! my proposal begins to mention the implementation of a new mechanics, armor!! You're gonna wonder what or why? well, armor will provide an increase in the decrease of damage or increase in life to the player, it will be like the armor of the Royal Battle that you can buy and will be usable for a while after buying something similar to the resurrection potions, you will have 4 versions each stronger than the previous one starting with personal defense vests, police protection, special forces, military and ultimately defense tank. i think you better raise the player's life, because that wouldn't end up taking the idea of the shields of some guns personally, I think the increase in life would be like this. 10, 15, 20, 35 live points. of course, prices will be accessible but not endowed and duration? well, it could be 2 to 4 hours. In short it will be a way to improve pvp for some situations and implementing the idea of using these armor together with some weapon with shield, of course these wouldn't give free daily, that's all any doubt or something to add please comment!!

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    Let's improve PVP by making weapon damage unreliable on top of the already unreliable hitboxes. Brilliant!

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