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Thread: 2022 - Christmas Graphics Competition!

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    Event Coin 2022 - Christmas Graphics Competition!

    Hey Everyone,

    For the upcoming Christmas Presents, we will be hosting a player-made graphics competition!

    To participate, make a Christmas/Winter-themed graphic (hat/melee/toy/trash pick/skin) (either png, gif, or mng) and take note of the following rules:

    1. The graphic cannot be a stolen graphic, or an edit (it must be made completely from scratch, with no exceptions).
    2. If you are making a hat, the final hat file size must be less than 250kb.
    3. If you are making a melee/toy/trash pick/skin, the final file size must be less than 500kb.
    4. Stay on theme, ensure the hat is somehow related to the 'Christmas' theme.

    Note: Ignoring any of the above rules will result in a permanent ban from all future competitions.

    Submitting your graphics

    Once your graphics are complete, send an email titled 'Christmas Graphics Contest Submission' and send the file to [email protected].

    Be sure to include your graalid in the email, otherwise we will not be able to reward you!

    (You can find this in the in-game feedback menu, identify -> feedback -> deviceid)

    Make sure to focus on quality over quantity, you can submit more than one graphic, however, only the best quality graphics will be selected.
    (e.g. no recolours)


    If you are chosen as one of the winners, you will get your graphic (hat/melee/toy/trash pick/skin) for free, as well as 5ec.


    12th of December 2022 (end of day)

    Higher Chance of Approval

    Want a higher chance of being one of the winners of the competition?

    In your email submission, include screenshots which show the process of you working on the graphic you have submitted. (3 to 6 at different stages of creation will suffice)

    Hat Template:
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