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Thread: Trying to regain access

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    Trying to regain access


    Is there any possibility of getting in touch with a staff member? My old account of over ten-thousand hours was disconnected from my email a few years back. I submitted multiple tickets and emails to toonslab and support, but never received any response. I have multiple forms of validation that the account exists (receipts and gangs the account is in). Additionally, I have an old email of staff mentioning it (ID) when it was first disconnected. For some reason, when I unsubscribed from their email feature in Gmail, my account was unlinked.

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    PS. I sent a new email to support and submitted a new ticket an hour ago.

    PSS. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to send this too. I wasn't sure which one to post it on!

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    Hi there! I realize it has been a year since you posted this, but may I ask what the results of your efforts to recover your account were? Did you recover your account? What responses, if any, did you receive? How long did they take to come in? I'm only asking because I am also trying to recover an old account of mine. Any information helps.
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