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Thread: Mysterious Crystal Items

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    Mysterious Crystal Items

    When will the mysterious crystal items be released? We’ve been waiting for 1 year and 2+ months since the release of the last exotic weapons..

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    Junz or someone will probably reply to this with an update soon. Also expecting an update or teaser by the end of this month honestly.

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    aha 1 month after your reply still nothing

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    We don’t know, we literally have no idea.. I posted this thread in January.. It’s almost April now and we have nothing yet. We’ve been waiting 1 Year and 4 Months

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    7 months since this post and still not sign of a teaser or Crystal weapons information.. I feel like giving up because this just isn’t fair to the communities it’s literally draining and de motivating.. literally making me want to quit because the devs are showing no sign of caring the slightest. Imask is really the one who should be cherished because he actually engages with us and let us know things but yet he gets backlash. But anyways that’s a whole nother subject.

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