After returning from a loooong break i thought about some things that could be fixed/improved relently easily and made a list of them, so here it is:
1. Currently m4a3 has special that allows player to change hand which holds weapon, however when gun is changed to other item and then back to m4a3 character always uses left hand. I think game should remember last used mode as it does with plasma toolkit and LT-annihilator laser mode. (Would be nice to have cookies for m4a3 pistol mode too). It shouldnt be hard to implement since there are already scripts for toolkit and annihilator.
2. Bot events are rarely played unless they have extra event coin as a reward. Most of the events arent hosted because of "not enough players has joined" issue. This makes "bot events" daily quests extremely hard to do. My idea is to add some gralats as an extra reward (all gralats that players paid for entry(X) + extra (Y) gralats paid to the winner instead of old X only)
3. Devils kanabo jump/blink mode cannot be disabled even when changing items (when changed back to DK you still have jump special active). I think it should have jump turn-off special so players wouldnt have to use all 3 jumps before being able to attack(I heard chicago typewriter has similar issue with its poison mode but not sure about this one)
4. Items database ( is broken and no longer works. I think it would be nice to have full item database working for any players to check item stats/specials/origins.(it would take huge time to make this work so its not that important)
5. PK arena timer doesnt work in events section unless you can see its timer on map. (On top of the map where you can usually see base fort event timer)
6. Cars are kinda useless since many plasma/auction items are faster with no need to summon car. I would suggest some speed buff or rework.
7. Gang spar is currently having no rewards, maybe add bounty to gang spar rooms? (Only 4 gangs played at least 1 gang spar last month, would split complex players tho)
8. Players can use heals/drinks on water in Battle Royale. Most likely not supposed to work this way.
9. Achievements score is partly covered and cant be fully seen (the area dedicated for the score number should be increased)
10. BR highest tier reached showed incorrectly in season stats(I have reached 49th reward, but season stats says i have reached level 50)
11. Flamethrower needs rework. After damage rework of all guns(the one that increased 9dmg guns to 11dmg) flamethrower was underpowered in comparisson to other guns. I suggest making flamethrower a heavy weapon with high damage and high freeze/reload OR make fire effect the main source of damage (for example 2dmg per bullet + fire effect of 6dmg over 3sec). Thats just some ideas and im not sure if this would make flamethrower playable.
12. W should be called double-v instead of double-u (thanks for reading till this part tho)
13. Old gang coins(OGC) and new gang coins(NGC) system should be implemented. New season items can only be bought with NGCs, while old season items can be bought with any coins(OGCs prioritised as upload tokens during upload). At the start of each new season NGCs are converted to OGCs 1:1
14. LT-Annihilator case special broken(front and back gani, the way player carries the case during idling gani, walking gani is fine)
15. Make crabs half-transparent if they are dug by other players, so players wont be confused by them/try to attack them. It was interrupting during 2x jobs event, when lots of extra players came to dig.