Hello, firstly I'm Medhat Nagy (Bondo2)
Am 26 years right now and working IRL as an Airport Traffic officer but I still love this game and I wanna play it in my free time lol,
am playing Graal ERA since I was 15 years in 2012-2013, I found this game on Facebook when the flash player system was working, and I've spent a lot of lovely time playing with my friends in this game (using my pc)
I lost my Facebook account twice, but I've recovered it and changed the confirm email, my only problem that I lost my hotmail account which access to Era account, also the flash player unavailable right now that's why I can't open the game anymore on Facebook,
I still access the game and I can open it anytime but only on my old phone, and if I signed out or lost the phone I'll never open the game again.

1: I know everything that I have in my account of items like guns, knifes, bodies, EC items and hats, etcc..,
2: I still access my Facebook account which I created the ERA account in
3: I still access ERA acc in my old phone
4: I still have my forums account
5: also I was a Graphic Designer and I've made a lot of heads/bodies for my friends and I have many witnesses friends to prove that am the only owner of this account

Please help me because I really don't know what to do to recover it, it's not my first time to post a recovery request and get nothing, and here's my last request about that I hope I get help from high admin.
I think I need an exceptional decision to help me and transfer my account to another email, thanks.

@Khaled @Junz