Hello everyone!

Shortly after I post this Crypt will be released in a testing phase. This year, the winners will be decided based on the fastest time to reach wave 201 (note: the fastest, not the first). Also every item is now blocked from crypt except the Crypt Rifle/Melee, the Healing Pumpkins and the RPG Chest weapons (note: You get the Crypt Rifle and Melee when entering OG crypt). The testing phase will end on November the 1st, and all scores obtained prior to this date will be reset. However, you will still be able to earn wave rewards in the testing phase.

What is crypt?

Crypt is a zombie mini-game, players compete with rival gangs by making their way through waves of zombies and reapers.
Reaper bosses spawn every ten levels, and spawn hoards of zombies in the area around them.
There are two types of Crypt, OG Crypt, and RPG Crypt.

In RPG Crypt, players choose a class (healer, attacker, or defender) which modifies their HP, Speed, and damage accordingly.
Chests spawn every five levels, from which players can obtain a variety of (temporary) guns.

OG Crypt is the same, however without chests and classes, and the arena is small in comparison.


This year we are adding rewards for hitting certain waves again (you need to be in the wave to be rewarded), this is available for both modes(OG Crypt and RPG Crypt) and the rewards are:

Wave 21: A skin for the M4, the Spooky 'Ghost' M4. era_rima-crypt23-ghostm4skin-icon.png
Wave 51: A skin for the Shipka, the Vampiric Shipka. era_rima-crypt23-shipkavampireskin-icon.png
Wave 81: The Demonic Skull Gasmask. https://gyazo.com/df0174533f0436f70cb72fbb7a18fa3b
Wave 111: A skin for the BAR, the Pumpkin BAR. era_rima-crypt-barpumpkinskin-icon.png
Wave 141: A fast mount, the Skelewolf Mount. https://gyazo.com/2af4901a0700c74aa268ad0b79a4f6b3
Wave 171: A melee, Skull Dagger (9 damage, fast dagger. Ability shoots 3 fireballs that deal 10 damage (not stacked) with chance of burn effect. https://gyazo.com/dd154a28a1aa87c5f04284c0e0ac336c
Wave 201: A skin for the Minigun, the Zombie Minigun. era_rima-crypt23-vulcan-main-icon.png

Once you get the rewards, you won't be able to get them again.
The skins are using the new skin system so it goes to your gun skin inventory, if you don't have the gun, don't worry because it is still added, so once you get the gun, you will see it in your skin inventory.

When will it be closed?
Crypt will be running until the 21th of November, but the ranked crypt will end on the 14th of November at 2PM EST, so if gangs are still in a run after this date and time, the scores won't be counted.


1st Place:
A gas mask AND a choice of the following: A gun skin (you can choose which gun, however it must be a gralat gun + from a shop) or a melee.
x15 Event Coins per member
$30,000 gralats
1st Place Crypt Trophy

2nd Place:
Gas Mask
x10 Event Coins per member
$20,000 gralats
2nd Place Crypt Trophy

3rd Place:
x5 Event Coins per member
$10,000 gralats
Bronze Crypt Trophy


This year the high score will be decided based on the fastest time to reach wave 201

This year every item is blocked from crypt except the Crypt Rifle, the Crypt Melee, the Healing Pumpkins and the RPG Chest guns.

There is body block for RPG mode.

25 players can now play in both modes.

Traps can't be used in either type of Crypt.

All explosive weapons are banned from Crypt.

In addition, you can only win one type of crypt (either RPG Crypt, or OG), rewards do not stack. If any gang comes within the top three in both, one of their scores will be disregarded.

Added a new black hole(very rare to spawn), this one will suck the player in so watch out!

Reduction on the particle effect for the black holes.

New rules:

Participating in any mode with hackers in the gang will result in a permanent ban of the GANG and all the MEMBERS in the gang from Crypt.

A player can't join multiples gangs, if an account is found in more than 1 winning gang, the account won't be reward.

The leader of the gang can contact me via discord to submit the rewards. Once the reward is added, it can't be changed unless it has transparency problems.