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Thread: All items should be tradable

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    i will never trade my christmas carrot, ice dagger (original), red rose, fan, candy cane bar they are special

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    Guns and ec items should be tradable. It can be donations or stuff. And it can also be presents or we can trade things and for it. Its not fair that " guns " cant be tradable. Not even one.

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    I agree to trading seasonal items, i didnt play era that time and i want it so badly and its not for trade. Example: Halloween broom sticks. I really want it and i didnt play it that year and missed it. Well its so unfair and they will call us noobs for some reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken27 View Post
    Ugh,i wish all valueable items coudnt be traded i am always looking at them getting tempted to sell em xD i like to keep them to remember the times a i was a nub.
    You still are a noob.

    I disagree, that just makes obtaining rare items less challenging, and if you got a cotton swab from auctions KNOWING that it wasn't trade-able why would you auction for it at a high price and beg the admins to make the cotton swab trade-able?
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