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Thread: find my account gone?

  1. #1 find my account gone?

    Sup, I used to be a pretty active player about 4 years ago. Thought I'd log on today to just see how things are going, but I think my account was deleted (email is still linked though). Items and all are gone. Texted a friend of mine who played with me about this too, and theirs is gone as well. Not that I really need it back (although maybe it'd be a cool childhood souvenir), but I was just curious as to why this happened. Anyways, maybe I'll check back on this post in a few days, or a few years. Until then, see ya.

    Btw that little italicized blurb at the bottom of my post is pretty funny looking back now...
    Why do people call me noob when I beat them in spar? You should be ashamed if you do...cuz that means a noob beat you. Stop complaining that I lag, when you lag, both sides are affected...I can't tell where you are, and you can't tell where I am. So if there wasn't lag, I woulda still beat you just the same.

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    I don't think you would be unlinked if you were inactive for 4 years. Try this link if your account still doesnt work and submit a ticket for further assistance

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