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I'll have to disagree with PKing being overpaid. Basing only includes being paid if your gang is controlling the base. So, that doesn't really mean it's PK in general, right? It only directs towards certain gangs.
Bot events occur every 30 minutes if my boomer brain recalls correctly. Then again, it's not going to be hosted every 30 minutes, but there's a chance. Also, only one wins. So once again, doesn't generalize the community who PK. Just lucky or skilled event masters.
PK Arenas only work when hosted by Admins, correct? I can't say too much about it because I haven't done that.

So sure if one person is in a good gang that bases non-stop, has amazing weapons, and is good in events, then yes, PK is overpaid.
Otherwise, it's not.
Pk arenas are automated in the same way forts are. I’ve actually used pk arenas to get VIP every month for quiet a long time now. I even made a video sharing my “secret” for having VIP every month with minimum effort since you only need to do 3-4 pk arenas a month to have enough for VIP


About 3 PK arenas happen within 24 hours. You can make 100k+ gralats a month from pk arenas alone. A lot of top players have been doing this like Knuckles from iFreeze. And it is an insanely profitable activity to do. Thats what i mean by overpaid.

Even if your gang is not holding the base you’re still getting bodyparts from the people you’re killing. And on top of that if the gang you’re in is holding the base then you also have that income, which is not a lot but it all stacks up. If you grind the whole pk scene you will know exactly what im referring to. I have over 250k kills and i back then when i was getting 2k-3k kills a day i was getting enough gralats from basing, forting and pking that i didnt need to waste money on the game.

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